S1 E7 - 'Dealing With Worry - Pt 1' (feat Dani Ardor from 'Midsommar', Lucifer and Demonic Toilet + The Omen and Annabelle Song!)

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Sep 12 2020 46 mins   8

'Dealing With Worry - Pt 1'
Season One - Episode Seven

In tonight's service we explore the topic of worry and how it can distract us. The service begins with a warning about a demonically infested toilet, then it's over to our special guest Dani Ardor who has returned to Creepy Cove for a fleeting visit. She tells us a little about her exciting recent trip to the Midsommar festival. Or at least, she tries to.

We then have Creepy Cove regular Mr. Spuggy give a Bible reading, while Rupert threatens to throw him in a fire. Then Peter Laws steps up to share a sermon on how difficult worry can be. Is there anything we can do to counteract it?

After that, we have a time of prayer and meditation, then Dani amazes us all by decided to join the band on Keytar! She helps lead the church in a rousing new song called 'Distraction', that explores the decapitation scene in The Omen and the car accident scene in Annabelle Creation - all to a toe-tapping, not unpleasant beat.

Peter then chats for a while to Dani at the end, to suggest some ways to deal with her difficulty with bears. Then that's it, the end of the service.

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