Ellie Marney - 'I've Been A True Crime Lover For A Very Long Time!'

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Sep 08 2020 43 mins   1
Ellie Marney is an award-winning YA crime author who has gone behind the scenes at the Westminster Mortuary in London and interviewed forensic autopsy specialists around the world in pursuit of just the right gory details. She may or may not know how to commit the perfect murder. Her titles include the Every trilogy, No Limits, White Night and the Circus Hearts series. Ellie has been involved in the creation of the national campaign called #LoveOzYA to promote and advocate for Australian YA literature. Ahead of the release of 'None Shall Sleep', Sarah and Shanu sat down with Ellie to discuss her new book, her writing process, her love of crime, how serial killers fit within literature, and more. Books mentioned in this podcast: 'None Shall Sleep' by Ellie Marney: https://bit.ly/2Gyd8LG Host: Sarah McDuling & Shanu Prasad Guest: Ellie Marney Producer: Nick Wasiliev