2020-Sept 15, Tuesday - President Trump Inks Massive Peace Deal That Will Change The Course Of World Peace 🅴

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Sep 16 2020 177 mins   65
A history day for America, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain as the four nations ink an important peace deal at the White House as other countries are thinking about joining as well. President Trump is the peacetime President and this is more evidence. Peace in the MIddle East could become possible with deals like this. Harrison Smith comes in studio for a full expose with the undeniable proof that what is happening on the West Coast is criminal arson and has nothing to do with climate change. The media and democrat party is engaged in a criminal conspiracy to promote and cover up these activities. The only thing Joe Biden has going for him is the Democrat and media plan to steal the election from Trump and America, but they are struggling to convince America as Trump events get bigger and bigger and Biden crowds and events don’t exist.


Tom Pappert

Harrison Smith