“THE DEADLIEST AND MOST HAUNTED ROAD IN BRITAIN” and More Strange and True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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Jul 29 2020 79 mins   2
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IN THIS EPISODE: It’s a stretch of road that only opened in 1988 to connect two existing roads, but it is known for being one of the deadliest roads in all of Britain… and one of the most haunted places in the world. The official designation is the A616… but most people know it as the Stocksbridge Bypass. (The Deadly Stocksbridge Bypass) *** 
Experiencing something strange is one thing. Experiencing two strange things in two different places might be called a coincidence. But when you experience three strange things in three different places, as Chet Guthrie did – you have to wonder if maybe the weirdness if following you around. (Three Events In Three Places of Really Weird Happenings) *** The Georgian Britains were obsessed with clean air, which was not surprising… because there was practically no clean air to obsess about. Even less-so in and around the cemeteries. (The Stench of Georgian Graveyards) *** A woman typically carries a baby for nine months before pregnancy. Sometimes a bit longer, sometimes a bit shorter, but that’s the average. Technology has made it possible for the baby to be born much sooner if complications were to arise, and still survive to be a healthy child. But we might have a new record on shortest pregnancy. One woman in Indonesia is claiming she gave birth after being pregnant for only one hour. (The One Hour Pregnancy) *** Heavy fog is commonplace in London, and in 1952 one particular fog rolled in for a full five days, hovering over the city. But when it finally dissipated, over 12,000 Londoners lay dead. (The Deadly Fog of 1952) *** A borrowed gun, romantically linked cousins, and a rigged jury – all the makings of a great murder trial in 1887 New Jersey. (A Mount Holly Tragedy) *** Here’s an idea on how to fight the black plague… throat lozenges… made from toad vomit! Hey, it was good enough for Isaac Newton! It was his own recipe! (Toad Vomit Lozenges)

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VIDEO: Britain’s Most Haunted Road - Stocksbridge Bypass: https://tinyurl.com/y3epler8

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