Sarah Tiefenthaler On Stand Up Paddle Yoga and Forest Survival

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Jun 26 2015 17 mins   1
Sarah Tiefenthaler and how she grew into SUP yoga. Sarah reveals how she dropped her fashion career for a life of yoga. Simultaneously as she was falling for yoga, she also fell in love with stand up paddle boarding and Sarah blended the two into Yogaqua. Based in LA she also teaches Yoga across Europe and North America and is working to expand the brand around the world. She talks about what led her to a career on the water and her expanding media profile, including her appearance on National Geographic’s Remote Survival show. Sarah Tiefenthaler on SUPfm Sarah Tiefenthaler resources Sarah’s company Sarah on National Geographic’s Remote Survival Clips Wanderlust Yoga Festival Sarah teams up with Lulu lemon for regular ocean cleanups One of Sarah’s SUPConnect How to videos: Sarah Tiefenthaler  Support this podcast