RANE Insights on Security, with Brian Lynch: Insider Threats

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Sep 11 2020 43 mins   7

This is the first in a new podcast series from RANE Insights, entitled On Security with Brian Lynch. Over the past several years the topic of “insider threats” has been met with varying degrees of concern in the board rooms of most medium to large organizations. While some organizations perceive such risk as minimal in relation to other greater challenges, others allocate significant resources to address these threats without a clear understanding of how and why their trusted employees, contractors, and business associates could undertake an action which could result in serious financial and reputational damages to the firm. Frequently, a significant investment in technology is seen as the silver bullet solution. While enhancing the organization’s ability to monitor and identify potential cases of insider threats, it frequently fails to address the core issues leading insiders to undertake actions which circumvent technological controls, policies, and procedures. As companies have restructured operations to a remote workforce because of the COVID-19 epidemic, these previously unaddressed vulnerabilities are set to grow exponentially.

In this podcast, host Brian Lynch interviews Peter Warmka, Founder of Counterintelligence Institute (www.counterintelligence-institute.com). During his 20+ year overseas career as a Senior Intelligence Officer with the CIA, Peter specialized in breaching the security of targeted entities in fulfillment of foreign intelligence collection requirements. Leveraging his years of direct experience in insider targeting and manipulation, his current mission is to assist clients with security awareness training and consultancy services focused on the development of an effective insider threat mitigation program.