Episode 51- Carrie 🅴

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Sep 15 2020 60 mins   1

This week on Fearless Films, the guys discuss the very first Stephen King film adaptaion, 1976's Carrie!

Pete explains the story of a lonely, bullied high school girl who discovers she has psychic powers and ultimately unleashes her rage on all those who tormented her and more. Pete also gets excited to see John Travolta in his first major film roll, and his best villainous performance until Face/Off.

Kevin, having been conditioned by King stories at this point, assumes the worst at every turn and is suspicious of everyone's motives. He also relives his high school days during an overly long "getting ready for prom" montage, including the gathering of pig's blood for nefarious purposes.

So grab a date and join us for the greatest prom in film history, with Stephen King's Carrie! And remember: don't get too scared...