Being Sea Soothed - For RUOK Day

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Sep 10 2020 2 mins   1
This is a special episode just over 2 minutes long (no music or fancy tricks, just a voice) for RUOK Day here in Australia (10/9/20). I was interviewing Laura Payano (our guest in a later episode) and we got to talking about how we find 'earthing' ourselves, by being barefoot on sand, letting the sea tickle our toes, putting our palms in the sand, listening to the waves and birds, soothes us. We shared in Laura's upcoming episode our favourite moments doing this and here is just a teaser couple of minutes of being sea soothed from me, your host, Rachael Krinks. We hope you find it meditative and peaceful, and tune in for Laura's episode (Episode 10). Thanks for listening!