The Importance of Networking for Smartphone Moviemakers with Bradley Gallo

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Apr 21 2020 38 mins   1

You may believe that movies you shot with smartphones cannot reach producers in the professional film industry. Our guest in Episode 78 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking, Bradley Gallo is going to inspire you to think again.

Bradley is co-founder of Amasia Entertainment which won a bidding war for the franchise rights to The Green Hornet movie early this year. Universal Pictures just announced a partnership with Amasia Entertainment on the same day we recorded this podcast, April 16. Amasia Entertainment’s other founder is Michael Helfant, who was president and COO of Marvel Studios.

Bradley Gallo is a big believer of how mobile filmmaking with smartphone cameras can benefit filmmakers. Bradley speaks to the growth of the mobile film industry as a passage to making good films through great stories. He mentions Tangerine by Sean Baker and Stephen Soderbergh’s films and how their mobile films impacted the film industry.

What are some of things you would want to do if you are trying to get the attention of a producer in the industry, such as Bradley Gallo? He shares what you should avoid doing and how best to approach him with your project. Understand they do receive a lot of requests, so following his tips are a good idea if you want to get their attention. But don’t think that a movie concept shot with smartphones is not going to get the attention of producers in the industry.

Bradley discusses how short, and low budget films can often lead to meetings and help you build strong connections in the professional film industry. Mobile films can be a great proof of concept for directors, writers, and others. But it’s important to network. Some people can make a lot of connections in a short period of time, while others can take years. The important thing, according to Bradley, is to play to your strengths and keep at it.

Episode 78 of the SBP Podcast was a fun conversation filled with many insider tips. Bradley has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry from Halle Berry to Christopher Walken, and many more. He has worked his way up to where he is today. A very impressive story of how someone can rise from the dream to the reality of making films with big name studios and continue to also make good short, low budget films.

Article announcing Amasia Entertainment’s partnership with Universal Pictures for ‘The Green Hornet And Kato’ Feature:

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