EP033- The Benefits Of Mycorrhizal Fungi In Your Garden

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Sep 16 2020 20 mins   4

In this weeks episode of Master My Garden podcast. I look at the benefits of Mycorrhizal Fungi a little know wonder amount gardeners. So, what is mycorrhizal?  Mycorrhizal Fungi occurs in nature and what it does is that it attaches to the roots of the plant and increases the root zone by a huge amount. The plant and the mycorrhizal then form a symbiotic relationship that stays with the plant throughout its lifetime. The mycorrhizal gives the plant water and nutrients and which it needs for healthy growth and it takes from it what it doesn't need so the relationship benefits both. Mycorrhizal is so far little know by gardeners and I get asked, what are the benefits of mycorrhizal ? and they are many but some are.

  • Increases the root zone of plants 
  • Helps plants find food and nutrients 
  • Increases drought resistance
  • Reduces mortality rate of plants
  • Particularly beneficial for barefoot planting 
  • Reduces the need for fertiliser 
  • Helps plants establish quicker 
  • Increases yield on fruit and veg crops 

The type I use is RHS Rootgrow and I have used this in all planting for a number of years now. I view it almost like an insurance policy for your plants. So its really beneficial and should be used in all planting. Over the next few years as scientists find out more and more benefits become more known it will become an essential addition to all planting

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