034. Hero: Dan Leeman, District Services Manager at Eaton

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Sep 20 2020 24 mins   1

In this episode Dan Leeman shares his personal journey and provides insightful professional wisdom. Dan states that in life you should seek a mentor and at the same time be intentional about mentoring others.  He addresses workforce attrition as a hurdle and areas he sees that industry should respond. A highlight in his career was tied directly to an innovative solution that revolutionized safety in MCC design.  That led to several patents and something that Dan looks back on fondly.  He's passionate about industry and his career at Eaton has evolved to many different areas. Dan is one of our heroes and is a walking testimony to the wonderful opportunities that exist in industry when your personal passion and talents combine. 

Guest: Dan Leeman - District Services Manager at Eaton
Host: Chris Grainger.
Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.
Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.