2020-Sept 22, Tuesday - Democrats Announce They’ll Count Ballots Up To Two Weeks After Election

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Sep 23 2020 177 mins   43
Democrats caught red-handed in multiple lies again. First, Democrats act like no leftists are calling for violence if President Trump nominates a new Supreme Court Justice, claiming this is a right-wing smear job, we actually go through all the calls for war if President Trump nominates a Supreme Court Justice. Second, the Democrats say the tradition is for a President, not the nominate a Supreme Court Judge in the last year, but, based on the past statements of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and others, they believe it is the President’s duty to nominate. Tom Pappert joins the show to talk about Democrats endorsing and paying sex traffickers. The latest COVID hoaxes are coming to fruition as the politicization of the vaccine is upon us.