Amazon – Ring Announcements #1477

Sep 25 2020 51 mins   6
Big day for Amazon Ring announcements with a slew of brand new product offerings. They are really using their market power to flood the marketplace with a large assortment of new connected home devices. Everything from a mailbox monitor to a drone security device for your home. Plus app developers are now starting a coalition to fight Apple.
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Show Notes:

* –What’s coming to HBO Max
* –Ring’s Mailbox Sensor
* –Western Digital releases new drives
* –Google, Facebook, and Twitter CEO’s may face subpoenas
* –Email app Superhuman
* –Spotify partnership with Chernin Entertainment
* –Ring’s latest security camera
* –Amazon’s Luna cloud gaming service
* –Alexa will soon gain more natural-sounding speech
* –Ring announces a new line of security cameras for cars
* –Echo Show 10
* –The latest Eero mesh Wi-Fi router
* –Amazon’s Fire TV Stick Lite
* –Amazon Guard Plus
* –Cambridge Analytica CEO can’t run another company for 7 years
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