Ep. 27: Start with the Heart

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Sep 15 2020 66 mins   1

Start with the Heart.

Friedmanism is dead. The idea that companies need to value profit above all else is giving way to the concept of values based organisation.

Ensuring the values of your business are aligned to those of the people you've hired.

The thing with values is that they aren't just about what's said, they are about action.

If they aren't lived then they are just a statement.

This is even more important in a VUCA world

Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous

To survive you need to be agile and resilient (but you don't need to pivot). 

And the only way to do that successfully is to have the right people.

In this episode I talk with Dr Cherry Vu and Rob England about value driven organisations and why you should put staff first.

About Cherry and Rob

Dr Cherry Vu and Rob England are Teal Unicorn, partners in work and life, dedicated to Make Work Better: better results, better lives, better society.

Their focus is management, and how the new ways of working and managing can unlock advancement to better work.

They work mostly in NZ and Vietnam - consulting, coaching, and training. In Vietnam they focus at the executive level, and in New Zealand they work mainly within IT, always improving organisational performance and life.

Together they wrote the book "The agile Manager (small a)". They offer online and onsite learning in new ways of thinking, working, managing, org change, IT, consulting, and selling.