How to Plant Tomatoes and Peppers (You might be surprised!)

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Apr 17 2020 29 mins   1

On Episode 3 of Garden Basics with Farmer Fred, we have a nifty way to stick tomato and pepper plants in the ground, a method guaranteed to produce a stronger plant.
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We talk about a really basic seed saving technique: how and where to store those half-filled, left over packets of seeds you have…somewhere. Did you look in the garage? I hope they’re not there. And the reason you may want to search the house for those seed packets now? You won’t find seeds of popular varieties at the nursery or online right now…because many of them have been swooped up, and you can blame the anxiety surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. We talk with the president of a seed company about why orders are not getting refilled for customers and stores, and what you can do to better store your current supply of seeds to guarantee that they will germinate next year, and the year after that.
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We bring in college horticulture professor Debbie Flower to answer your garden questions. Today’s question deals with a common problem with backyard and indoor citrus trees: yellowing leaves.
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