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Jun 19 2020 29 mins   1

Today, we are all about tomatoes! We do some tomato troubleshooting with Don Shor, owner of Redwood Barn Nursery in Davis, CA. We tackle typical tomato issues: the flowers fall off (it will solve itself, unless you are loving it to death with too much nitrogen fertilizer); blight diseases (avoid overhead watering, unless it's rain-caused. In which case, prune out and discard the damaged parts); whiteflies (a forceful spray of water or neem oil); blossom end rot (deep, infrequent watering, maintaining an even soil moisture level...not too soggy, not too dry); sun scald (shade cloth); wilt problems (good luck); and, of course, tomato hornworms (scissors or snippers, Bt, Spinosad).

Every tomato needs support. The best tomato supports, and the longest lasting, are tomato cages you make yourself out of either sheets or rolls of six inch mesh concrete reinforcement wire. Those little "tomato cages" that are widely sold? They're not big enough to support a vigorously growing tomato plant...but are great for pepper plants!

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It’s all part of Episode 21 of Garden Basics with Farmer Fred. Gather a few cherry tomatoes to munch on, and give us a listen. We will do it all in under 30 minutes. Let’s go.

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