CONSPIRACY THEORIES THAT TURNED OUT TO BE TRUE and More Strange But True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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Mar 27 2020 76 mins   2
CONSPIRACY THEORIES THAT TURNED OUT TO BE TRUE and More Strange But True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark Archives episode with stories from January 04-08, 2019): 
The Black Knight satellite. Is this satellite nothing more than a Russian attempt at signal jamming or spying? Or is there something more sinister behind it? (Black Knight Satellite Conspiracy) *** A man starts to fall asleep at the wheel – but gets a supernatural shakeup from an unusual police squad car. (Guardian Angel Speed Trap) *** In a quiet Virginia cemetery is a peculiar tomb that has mystified visitors for nearly two hundred years. Nobody seems to know who is buried there. (The Grave of the Female Stranger) *** The next time that you hear a conspiracy theory, take the time to investigate before you decide that it’s too impossible to be true. (Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True) *** A man is knocked unconscious and while being so, he lives an entirely different life. (A Parallel Life) *** “I do not suppose that any man and wife lived more happily and wished each other better than we.” Strange last words from a man who murdered his wife due to a love triangle. (Neal Devaney) *** Did a strange race of albino, sun-fearing people used to roam the Appalachian Mountains? (Moon Eyed People) *** She can kill a man just by sucking all the blood from his body out through his nose. She can slip out of her skin at night to terrorize the countryside. Those who believe in hoodoo call her the Boo Hag. (The Boo Hag) *** A rash of attacks took place in India’s New Delhi back in 2001 – and the attacker was described as having monkey-like qualities. Who or what was the Monkey Man of New Delhi? (Monkey Man of New Delhi) *** Bizarre secrets are said to hide somewhere in the bottomless depths of Mel’s Hole. The hole definitely exists… but it appears that Mel himself may never have been real. (Mel’s Hole) *** The old hag, the succubus, whatever you call it – it’s a paranormal nighttime encounter with erotic overtones. Erotic – but more terrifying and mentally scarring than enjoyable. (The Old Hag Revisited)

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“The Black Knight Satellite Conspiracy”:
“Guardian Angel Speed Trap” submitted by Weirdo family member Blackfire Wolf.
“Grave of the Female Stranger” by Orrin Grey:
“Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True”:
“A Parallel Life/Awoken By a Lamp” posted anonymously to Reddit:
“Neal Devaney” by Robert Wilhelm:
“The Old Hag Revisted: Nighttime Terrors” from the book, “Basic Instinct: Erotic Paranormal Encounters”:
“The Moon Eyed People” by Brent Swancer:
“The Boo Hag”:
“The Monkey Man of Delhi”:
“Mel’s Hole” by Maggie Clendenin:
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