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Sep 25 2020 70 mins   1
"It's an all-night party...in a little over an hour." - DJ MIDIMACK
Sep 2020 Funky House Mix Pt. 4 (Ep 145) Playlist:
Useless by Misha Klein (Russia)
Your Body by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)/The Giver (Mexico)
Diva by Moreno Pezzolato (Italy) feat. Octahvia
Tech House Kinda Thing by ATFC (Spain)
That Feeling by Lookee (Germany)
Rock The Disco by Rubber People (Australia)
In The House by Rubber People (Australia)/False Rumours (Australia)
I Want To Thank You by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)/Marc Rousso (USA)
Ride It Baby by Adri Block (The Netherlands)
Get To Know Ya by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)
How Gee by Milk Bar (Italy)/Santarini (Italy) feat. Dollarman/Antonio Contino
Bring The Funk by Jay Frog (Germany)/Hoxtones (Germany)
Body Talk by Barkley (?)
Touch Me by PAX (UK)/Rui Da Silva (London)
Oye by Ivan Kay (Italy)
Felicidad by The Cube Guys (Italy)/Cato Anaya (Colombia) feat. La Guru'
Coco Jambo by Back & EM PI (Italy)
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