113: The "No-Rules" Rules For Starting Your Own Podcast

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Sep 25 2020 27 mins   1

Over the last 5 years I've had coffee dates and phone calls and quick-question-for-yous with SO many people who ask me about how to start a podcast.

The logistics of podcasting are Google-able and straightforward (I use an Audio-Technica mic, host on Libsyn, and record with either SquadCast.fm or Zencastr).

The stuff that I *really* try to share with people, beyond that, are the things that will make their podcast MAINTAINABLE and JOYFUL instead of an overwhelming time/energy suck.

After a half-decade, I've FINALLY put my biggest self-made rules in one place.

While I don’t do things by the book, I attribute the WANTcast’s longevity to sticking to a few specific self-made rules. Here are my top podcasting tips for anyone who wants to start a pod from the heart.

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