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May 20 2006 10 mins   2
Ski Warfare:
  • In the Winter War between the Finns and the Soviets, the Finnish ski troops used guerilla tactics to stop a much larger enemy. Their high mobility gave them an advantage in the cold conditions (of which the Soviets were not used to).
  • The 10th Mountain Division, a special operations unit in the US, is trained in harsh terrain operations, including ski warfare. They are a rapid-response unit and have conducted many operations in the 1990s.
Bicycle Warfare:
  • Bicycles are cheap, light, fast, and can carry a surprisingly large amount of baggage
  • When Japan invaded Singapore in WWII, they used bicycles on gravel and pavement to give the impression of a much larger tank force. This prompted a British garrison that was 3x the size of the Japanese invading force to surrender.
For more information, read:
Military History Magazine (Feb 2000): Bicycles in War
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