Ep. #44 Quitting vs. Allowing Change

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Sep 23 2020 47 mins   1

We live in cycles and rhythms, although we don’t pay attention to them or understand how to really utilize our own personal rhythms as the doorway to cultivating the self trust and personal empowerment we need to change our relationship to alcohol. It’s also how we understand the art of allowing change, rather than just quitting and trying to keep the rest of our life the same. It doesn’t work that way. There is a revealing to you, on a deeper level that needs to be understood when you change your relationship to alcohol. Not simply the act of drinking, that is why it doesn’t work. That is why it isn’t over night. You aren’t just resisting changing alcohol, you are resisting the implications of what that means.  It is the Fall Equinox and it is a PERFECT time to reflect on the summer. What worked, what didn’t and what you would like to be different in a future full of infinite possibilities. Any one who schedules an alignment session with me from now until October 1st, a beautiful practice I offer my 1:1 clients for creating their intentions for the next season, to really step into next level possibility. There is also a wonderful guided emotional intimacy practice I will send.  You can use this pause to shift into trying a sober october from the perspective of allowing change rather than quitting.

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