Ep. #43 Taking The Mask Off with Deana Barnes

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Sep 14 2020 29 mins   1

Full of universal insight, Deana Barnes, talks of her parallel life of holistic arts and alcohol since she was 15 years old. How somewhere along the way, the belife that an altered state  consciousness, created a hightned state of awareness. When in fact, it was the opposite. It created an eatram of inner elements always out of balance that eventually lead to an ultimatum. Deana talks how the only way out of suffering was through diving in to the shadow. "Understanding that the world is bigger than myself, my inner connectedness to the world around me always kept me at heightened awareness to give me another point of view." Was her tether to the TRUTH of who she is. That alcohol was just a mask and real life is embracing who is is body, mind and soul.
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