Episode 53 - Black Xmas.... AGAIN. 🅴

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Sep 29 2020 60 mins   1

On this week's episode of Fearless Films, the guys are celebrating their one year anniversary by coming full circle and returning to the haunted place where it all started: Black Christmas!... (2019).

Pete is amazed to admit that he actually found a version of Black Christmas that he enjoyed! Turns out, when you remove the shock factor gross-out elements, creepy incest, and erratic jumps in tone, you can actually put out a pretty good movie.

Kevin is skeptical, but follows along anyway. The show must go on, after all. He enjoys the callbacks to the previous movies, but is still disappointed with a severe lack of slashing.

So grab your party hats and cut yourself a slice of cake, and join us in celebrating one year of Fearless Films! And remember: don't get too scared...