Dana Sacia - Hunting4Connections... From a City Gal to a Country Girl to the desire to connect others to the Great Outdoors together!

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Sep 26 2020 50 mins   3

Mike Crase and Wayne Lach are joined by Dana Sacia founder of "Hunting4Connections" but first Mike and Wayne talk weather problems for food plots and BEARS...BIG BIG BEARS!

Dana Sacia talks how a City Gal turned into a Country Girl and along the way fell in Love with the Outdoors and Hunting. Plus, how the Country Life allowed her to relax and opened her eyes to the Outdoors. And how her first hunt would forever chang her life.

Then how a personal change in her life led her drive to start a remarkable organization called “Hunting4Connections”.  It's way more than what you think it is and it could very well change how you find others who share your passion for the outdoors.

In the Bonus Segment we continue to learn about Hunting4Connections and Dana shares her successful Bow Hunt from last week where she took a stud of a Whitetail...... And why exactly are we talking about the Cleveland Browns?

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