Facebook Forecast is Evil #1479

Oct 02 2020 75 mins   7
Facebook has this new feature called Forecast and they seem to think it is going to shape civil discussions on its platform. As you can tell I have become more and more weary of facebooks attempts to continually shape the world along with all the other major media platforms. While Google phrased the term do no evil of which that is long forgotten. I think Facebook should start to embrace that mantra.
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Show Notes:

* –A rouge earth mass planet has been discovered
* NASA has a new challenge
* –Wi-Fi 6 devices
* –Amazon’s Alexa app has 2 new features for your car
* =Netflix will only stream in 4K to Macs that have a T2 security chip
* –Verizon expands LTE Home Internet to 48 states
* –AT&T took $283 million but didn’t deploy broadband
* –Should you buy a 5G laptop now?
* –Microsoft unveils Surface Laptop Go
* –Ikea will stop selling non-rechargeable alkaline batteries
* –Facebook announces updates for Groups
* –Xfinity’s new mesh networking pods
* –US Treasury and ransomware victims
* –Facebook Forecast
* –Snapchat helped register a million voters
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