051 Chipper/Shredder Basics. Fabulous Fruit Friday!

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Oct 02 2020 27 mins   14

Thinking about buying a rototiller? How about purchasing a chipper/shredder instead? It’s a machine that will make easy work of chopping up your garden clippings, including tree limbs, into the greatest mulch you could possibly own. The latest research shows that rototilling your soil actually damages soil structure and the soil biology. On the other hand, the end result of using a chipper/shredder is going to provide you with a quality of mulch that we like to call, gardeners gold. We get buying tips on chipper/shredders from Brad Gay at JB's Power Equipment in Davis, CA.
Also, it’s Fabulous Fruit Friday. Ed Laivo of TomorrowsHarvest.com tells us about one of the sweetest pieces of fruit you can grow at home: the Candy Sprinkles Nectarine (that's what you see in today's picture).

It’s all on Episode 51 of Garden Basics with Farmer Fred. Brought to you by Smart Pots and Tomorrows Harvest. Visit smartpots.com/fred for more information and a discount on the original, lightweight, long-lasting fabric plant container, made in the USA. Interested in the Candy Sprinkles Nectarine, as featured on Fabulous Fruit Friday? Visit TomorrowsHarvest.com for more information. Who knows? There might even be a discount coupon waiting for you there! (Spoiler alert: It's GBSPRINKLE)

BCS chipper/shredder video
Rototilling can damage soil
Reasonably Priced Soil Testing:
University of Massachusetts/Amherst
Colorado State University
Candy Sprinkles Nectarine from Tomorrow's Harvest

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