1 — Bereishit: G-d of Many Names

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Oct 24 2019 40 mins   8

The new cycle has begun, and we're talking this week about things that happen in the beginning, which is turns out is a lot of things! Find us talking about fruit that gives you social anxiety, being cursed with heterosexuality, and the mysterious presence of humans who really shouldn't be able to exist yet, narratively speaking, and yet are somehow there anyway.

Full transcript of the episode available here.

Around 26 minutes in, Jaz says they'll try to find the source for the rabbinic interpretation that Abel brought the best thing, and Cain brought a mediocre thing. You can find at least one source for that here, from Pirkei DeRabbi Eliezer 21:5, though more may exist.

Content note: climate apocalypticism around minute 35 as part of a discussion about the Flood

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