7 — Vayeitzei: Polycule Therapy Please

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Dec 05 2019 49 mins   6

In this episode, we meet the one man Lulav adores (who happens to be a fictional Jewish communist from 19th century Russia, but that's mere details). Also, we meet four of our foremothers, which is very exciting, and bemoan the fact that only two of them are conventionally considered our foremothers. Plus, tricky tricksters all over the place!

Full transcript available here.

At the top of the show, we discuss The Modern Yentas Interest Form, which appears to still be open for all your matchmaking needs. Also, in the course of that conversation, Lulav references an iconic Ezra Koenig tweet and Jaz tells of a midrash wherein G-d offers the Torah to many nations and only the Jewish people accept it. Shortly thereafter, Lulav quotes this tumblr post. In our Continuity Corner, Jaz gets their linguist kippah on and references EtymOnline's entry for "kibosh" and then references Rachel Stomel's tweet about this bit of Talmud

Note: Jaz's audio gets wonky for a couple minutes there at the end. Apologies for that! Not sure what caused it, but we're working on fixing it for the future.

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