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Oct 01 2020 32 mins   1
This interview is a real standout. You’ll meet Karen Burns, who moved to Vinalhaven Island in Maine, US, at the age of 23 and loved it so much she couldn’t leave. Karen works with people living on islands up and down the Maine coast, in her role as Chief Talent Officer at Maine's Island Institute, a global leader in connecting island communities.

Our conversation ranges widely and I loved it. We talk about the intergenerational friendships that develop in small island communities; the adaptability, resilience and innovation of people living on small islands; the push/pull between year round communities and tourism/visitors and newbies; managing expectations about what living on an island with a busy working port involves - and the wonderful joys and how we manage the challenges of island life. Yes, it was a wonderfully rich discussion!

We also loved our shared sense of 'islandness': despite our islands being so different, and our lives as women are quite different, there were substantial similarities in how we experience 'islandness'. And, we talk about what the term 'islandness', coined by an Island Institute academic, means, to us. This interview is rich in insight. Don't miss it!

To learn more about Karen Burns, go to http://www.islandinstitute.org/staff/karen-burns

To connect with the Island Institute, go to http://www.islandinstitute.org/

Information about Vinalhaven Island can be found here http://www.islandinstitute.org/sites/default/files/Vinalhaven%20Community%20Profile.pdf

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