Episode 4 - Bug Salad

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Oct 15 2017 34 mins   2
How a marketing guy at shareware game publisher Ambrosia Software ended up eating bugs in front of hundreds of people at Macworld New York 2000. If you have an old PowerPC Mac or the Sheepshaver emulator, you can get Escape from Jason Whong via VintageAppleMac.com. Almost all of Ambrosia's games are still available for purchase direct from the Ambrosia Software website. You can learn more about my book The Secret History of Mac Gaming at Unbound, and if you missed the original campaign you can preorder the special edition on Kickstarter. (All Unbound backers will also receive the special edition.) Cover image incorporates a photo by Frank Caratozzolo. You can find more of his Macworld NY 2000 photos at http://web.archive.org/web/20020519205631/http://www.utterer.com:80/content/macworld/mwny00/photos.shtml Music Credits: Evan Schaeffer - Tulip Poplars, Anthem, and Big Tree from the album Glow, and Mantra and Graze from the album Big SpashJesse Spillane - Dum Dum Conundrum from The Maddening Parade and No Disclaimer from Art of PresentationKai Engel - Passages from the album The RunOndrosik - Love is Over, Interlude, Crazy, and Etude from the album Nostalgic and ProcrastinationRevolution Void - Outer Orbit and The Narrative Changes from the album The Politics of DesireGoto80 and the Uwe Schenk Band - Cable Swingin' Ferret from the album The Ferret ShowAnd a few bits of my own stuffThe Life & Times of Video Games on the Web and social media Website: lifeandtimes.gamesTwitter: @LifeandTimesVGInstagram: @lifeandtimesvgYouTube: lifeandtimes.games/youtubeYou can make a donation to help cover running costs and allow me to rely less on freelance income via Patreon: lifeandtimes.games/patreonor PayPal: paypal.me/mossrcPlease remember to subscribe and to leave a review on iTunes. A small donation of a few bucks a month on Patreon would go a long way, too, and it'd get you a bit of cool bonus content here and there on a private podcast feed. Support The Life & Times of Video Games Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices