Teaching 2020: Are You Supporting the New Normal, Challenging It, or Just Riding Along?

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Oct 06 2020 12 mins   7

Most would agree that teaching in 2020 has been very different from the vision we held for the 21s century. In the episode, we take a step back to assess what we are thinking and feeling about the "new normal" and how we are responding to it.

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Starr Sackstein (NBCT) is a certified Master Journalism Educator through the Journalism Education Association (JEA). She serves at the New York State Director to JEA. She is the author of several books, including Teaching Mythology Exposed: Helping Teachers Create Visionary Classroom Perspective. Harvey Alvy has served as a teacher, principal, and university professor, and was honored to be a National Distinguished Principal. He is the author of Fighting for Change in Your School: How to Avoid Fads and Focus on Substance, and co-author of Learning From Lincoln: Leadership Practices for School Success.