Soundbite: Henk Rogers on randomness and dilemmas in Tetris

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Jun 06 2019 6 mins   2
For the 35th anniversary of Tetris' original Russian version, I pulled out this clip from my interview with Henk Rogers — co-founder of The Tetris Company and the dude who got Tetris handheld and console publishing rights back in the 1980s (and also creator of what was arguably the first JRPG, The Black Onyx). Listen for Henk's memories about the strategy inherent in the game's scoring system and the story of how they fixed a bias in the Game Boy version's random number generator. The interview was originally conducted for my Polygon feature on the Game Boy's (and Pokémon's) introduction in the West. (Also, Game Boy Tetris turns 30 next week, so happy birthday to that version too!) The Life & Times of Video Games on the Web and social media Website: lifeandtimes.gamesTwitter: @LifeandTimesVGInstagram: @lifeandtimesvgYouTube: can make a donation to help cover running costs and allow me to rely less on freelance income via Patreon: PayPal: book, The Secret History of Mac Gaming, is available in bookstores in the UK and Australia, as well as online from the likes of Book Depository and Amazon. See the official website for more info. Can't afford to give me money? Consider listening via the RadioPublic app for Android or iOS. It's free. And if you enable analytics then I get paid a couple of cents each time you listen to my show. Head to for more info. Support The Life & Times of Video Games Learn more about your ad choices. Visit