MBMBaM 223: Bro's Better, Bro's Best Ch. 46-61 πŸ…΄

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Oct 27 2014 95 mins   4

With Griffin in Japan, we've generated yet another Best of collection for you, our beloved family. Also: New live show announcement!

Suggested Talking Points:

5:03 β€” ThorWatch 2011

6:15 β€” Adult Teen Baby

8:39 β€” He’ll Have a Salad

12:45 β€” Teen CEO Month

17:00 β€” GriffinSpaceJam.com

19:55 β€” How to Hire an Alf

24:55 β€” Forever a Whitford, Nary a Cooper

25:30 β€” Good Names for Twins

31:25 β€” Studio 54 For Kids

38:20 β€” Money Zone

45:00 β€” Just Ask Her, Dummy

47:33 β€” The Strategic Home Improvement Reserve

51:20 β€” Sexually Attracted to Numbers

56:45 β€” Could I Take Tyra Banks?

1:00:17 β€” Can A Yeti Accept Jesus?

1:06:00 β€” We Didn’t Start the Fire 2

1:11:20 β€” Destroying The Perfect Horse

1:19:50 β€” Pasta Party 2011//The Pussycat Dolls

1:24:25 β€” Wonka.