Anatomy of Past Life Regression Session 🅴

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Aug 16 2019 85 mins   1

In this episode I explain what happens in a past life regression session:

  • What our guides do when we schedule a session
  • How past lives are “seen”
  • Why the death scene is so important
  • How you can be your own psychic by connecting to your own higher self, guides, and angels

I also answer questions that I meant to tackle over on Instagram, however, the answers are a little longer than insta allows me to do them justice, so I answer them here!

  • How does hypnosis work?
  • What about malevolent forces/energies/entities? Do I need to be afraid?
  • I’m scared of what I might see!
  • Is this at all like a psychic reading?
  • You talk about angels and spirit guides… What are they? How do they factor into a past life experience?
  • Could unhealed past lives be the reason I keep attracting a-holes into my life?