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Oct 07 2020 50 mins   7

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What is an overused word or phrase that annoys you?


On This Day In History for October 7, 2020
This is the 281st day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 85 days remaining in 2020.

It was on this date in 3761 BC, that The epoch reference date epoch (origin) of the modern Hebrew calendar.
It was also this date in 1826 that The Granite Railway began operations as the first chartered railway in the U.S.
The Helsinki Stock Exchange sees its first transaction on this date in 1912.
It was on this date in 1919, that KLM, the flag carrier of the Netherlands, was founded. It is the oldest airline still operating under its original name.
It was also this date in 1933 that Air France was inaugurated, after being formed by a merger of five French airlines.
That same date in 1958, The U.S. manned space-flight project was renamed Project Mercury.
It was also this date in 1959 that The Soviet probe Luna 3 transmits the first-ever photographs of the far side of the Moon.
Also today in 1963, President Kennedy signed the ratification of the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
On October 7, 1996, Fox News Channel began broadcasting.
October 7, 2002, The Space Shuttle Atlantis launches on STS-112 to continue assembly of the International Space Station.
12 years ago today, Asteroid 2008 TC3 impacted the Earth over Sudan, the first time an asteroid impact was detected prior to its entry into earth’s atmosphere.

Happy birthday goes out on this date to:

Danish physicist and philosopher, Nobel Prize laureate, Niels Bohr, born on this date in 1885.
American computer scientist and academic, Henriette Avram was born 101 years ago today.
Canadian director and producer, co-founded the IMAX Corporation, Graeme Ferguson, born on this date in 1929.
South African archbishop and activist, Nobel Prize laureate, Desmond Tutu is 89 today.
English chemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate, Harry Kroto, born on this date in 1939.
Also born on that same date in 1939, American computer scientist and author, John Hopcroft.
Also turning 75 today is Scottish physicist and academic David Wallace.
American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor, John Mellencamp, born on this date in 1951.
Also turning 68 today is Russian colonel and politician, 4th President of Russia Vladimir Putin.
Also born on that same date in 1955, American computer scientist and author, Ralph Johnson.
Also turning 65 today is French-American cellist and educator Yo-Yo Ma.
Also born on that same date in 1959, English businessman and producer, Simon Cowell.
Also turning 43 today is French comics writer and illustrator Antoine Revoy.

Listener Birthdays

9 – Itsuko Rumpke (sounds like IT SUE-Koe)
9 – Mario (New Jersey)
10 – Victor Cajiao
10 – Garrett Riffal
11 – Bruce Barr
13 – Jason Schwanz

And that’s the way it was, on this day in history for October 7, 2020

If you want to get on the Technorama Birthday Calendar, visit our website and look for the Birthday Calendar link. chuckchat.com/birthday


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