EP036- All About Tulips With Anne Verdoes

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Oct 02 2020 37 mins   3

In this weeks episode of Master My Garden podcast I talk to Anne Verdoes who works for iBulb. iBulb is part of the organization Anthos, they represent the companies that trade in flower bulbs and nursery stock products. iBulb is the promotion organization for the flower bulb industry, perennials, garden roses and the green city for a sustainable Europe.

 On behalf of our member companies we are possible for the worldwide PR and advertising.

I specifically wanted to talk to somebody from the Netherlands as it is the home of Tulips and this episode is all about Tulips. We talk about the story of the Tulips, we learn about the size of the tulip industry in Holland. We also talk about the what are the types of tulips and top tips for success.

Anne describes how to do lasagne planting of bulbs and shares her tips for success in pots.

We also discuss the great website and social channels for Flowerbulbs.com which promote bulbs and provide information and inspiration for gardeners for growing bulbs links to all below.

Website: www.flowerbulbs.com/630/everything-about-flower-bulbs

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