X2 — "Judaism" from Rad Child Podcast

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Oct 08 2020 114 mins   9

This is our season break! We'll be bringing you the beginning of season 2 next week, and in the interim, we have a crossover episode from Rad Child Podcast, which brought Jaz on a guest to talk about educating children about Judaism.

Unfortunately, we don't have a transcript for this episode right now. We're committed to continuing to have full transcripts of all our regular episodes and all the bonus content posted on our Patreon. Since this episode is much longer than our normal episodes, it's not currently in the capacity of our very small team to do a full transcript of someone else's podcast, though we would like to. If you can afford to contribute to our Patreon or our Ko-fi however, we'd be down to hire someone to transcribe it.

We're looking forward to having more guests during season 2; if you'd like to be a guest on season 2 or have someone else in mind who you think would be a fantastic guest, you can apply or nominate someone here. We'll also be launching a new website for our podcast this season and we'll have weekly bonus content for our patrons, featuring Lulav and Jaz playing Jewish rounds of "Do, Die, or Marry." To prepare for our work for season 2, you can support us on Patreon, or, if you prefer, you can give one-time support on our Ko-fi

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