Coloristos #19 "Displays 2"

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Nov 28 2014 70 mins   1
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In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss the current state of professional and consumer displays for grading and finishing. They talk about the rapid evolution of the display market over the past two years, and how technologies like OLED and LCD have finally taken over from long-time standards like Plasma and CRT. They touch on several different models that are making headway as the new standards in post-production, and how emerging requirements like UHD, 4K, and HDR will likely affect your next major monitor purchase. Finally, they discuss the age-old question of whether or not technology has finally opened the door to more affordable color-accurate options, and what the minimum requirements should be for any display used in color critical work. The Coloristos ColorCast is a monthly podcast about Film and Television Color Grading, Color Science, and Post-Production. If you're interested or involved in color grading, finishing, and digital intermediate post-production, this show is for you. The Coloristos are: Josh Petok, a colorist working on reality and episodic television in Los Angeles. Juan Salvo, a colorist and online editor for films and commercials in New York. Jason Myres, a colorist and post-production engineer in Los Angeles.