“MONSTERS AND THE MILITARY” and 4 More Dark, True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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Feb 10 2020 62 mins   2
“MONSTERS AND THE MILITARY” and 4 More Dark, True Stories! #WeirdDarkness
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IN THIS EPISODE: Haunting the corridors of the Preston School of Industry are dark tales of mystery and murder. (Preston Castle: The Haunted Reform School) *** War brings out the worst in men – and sometimes it brings it out the monsters as well. (Monsters and the Military) *** A tall, thin, frightening stranger appears to a group of children who soon discover it’s best not to scream. (He Moves When We Scream) *** A boy is sent to stay with his aunt—and discovers that her house is haunted. It sounds like a page out of a cliché horror movie, but this time it’s real. (The View From The Other Side) *** William Wilson was such a lonely, boring man that when he was found dead the newspapers had to invent stories to make it more entertaining. (The Mysterious Murder of William Wilson)

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“He Moves When We Scream” was submitted to WeirdDarkness.com by Joe.
“Preston Castle: The Haunted Reform School” by Orrin Grey: https://tinyurl.com/rzmlrvs
“The Mysterious Murder of William Wilson” by Robert Wilhelm: https://tinyurl.com/y7mpw7s2
“The View From The Other Side” by John Hugh: https://tinyurl.com/rkyhl3l
“Monsters and the Military” by Brent Swancer: https://tinyurl.com/vyedmxt
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