Episode 54- Friday the 13th Franchise Breakdown Part 1 - The Human Years 🅴

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Oct 06 2020 74 mins   1

On this week's episode of Fearless Films, the guys return to their annual October tradition of The Franchise Breakdown. This year, they are discussing Pete's favorite slasher series, Friday the 13th.

In part 1, Pete breaks down Friday's 2, 3, and 4 - The Human Years. Jason is still just a "regular" human killer, who runs instead of stalks, and struggles to grapple with teenagers instead of bending them in half with super strength. These early entries still have the feeling of late 70's summer slashers, with plenty of POV shots and screaming women.

Kevin tries to wrap his head around the fact that Jason doesn't even get his hockey mask until part 3, and that part 4 is called The Final Chapter when he knows there are so many more entries in this series. And worst of all... one of these movies is in 3D!!!

So grab a machete, strap on a hockey mask, and join us for a journey through one of classic slasher franchises of the 1980's. And remember, don't get too scared...