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May 22 2020 2 mins   1

Earlier this week we released our tenth episode of All God’s Women.

So far, we’ve studied some pretty amazing women. 

We kicked off at the beginning with Eve, a woman given a command, a choice, and consequences.

Next, was Mrs. Noah who experienced the first quarantine.

Sarah was a woman with a plan.

Hagai may have felt alone, but she was not forgotten by God.

Rebekah lied and lost.

Rachel and Leah competed for the love of their husband.

Two midwives chose life over death.

Moses’ two moms each helped prepare him for the task God had before him.

Miriam let pride lead to her fall.

And the five daughters of Zelophehad took a stand for women’s rights. 

Have you caught each of these episodes? Did you miss any? To celebrate the release of our tenth episode, we're having a podcast contest. Hopefully you listened to them all because you’re going to need it to be able to answer the ten contest questions, one for each episode. They’re fairly simple, but if you’re not sure, you can listen again  or you can use the scripture references to look them up in your Bible. 

To find the contest questions, and submit your answers, head over to Podcast Contest

The first person to submit all correct answers will win a DVD. In addition, another winner will be randomly chosen among the remaining entries. 

Winners will be announced on next week's episode, so be sure to tune in.