13 — Sh'mot: Cartoonishly Villainous

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Jan 16 2020 50 mins   6

In this week's parsha, literally so much happens. We've got that good intermarriage content. We've got that great disability justice content. We've got that questionably good throwback to Hanukkah content. We also have miracles and dark blood death magic and MULTIPLE women with names and agency and also a lovely line to include in your Jewish name change ceremonies.

Our full transcript can be found here.

At around 16:50, Lulav cites the etymology entry for "Hebrew." At around 32:20, the text that Jaz recommends including in your name change ceremonies is in Sh'mot 3:15.

Content note: this episode discusses Biblical slavery frequently and at length. It also contains mentions of genocide and infanticide.

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