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Oct 06 2020 47 mins   1

Episode 41

In this episode, we will be interviewing Kevin Sanderson, the Founder of Maximizing Ecommerce Podcast and successful eCommerce brand owner. He is a full-time eCommerce seller who also helps others grow their businesses.

Let’s dive right in and gain some valuable insights to expand your eCommerce business internationally.

[00:01 - 07:11] Creating the Freedom to Reach your Dreams

  • We introduce our guest Kevin Sanderson 
  • Kevin talks about his career background and journey
  • Kevin talks about the diversifying revenue and expanding to the international market

[12:45 - 24:19] Selling Internationally on Amazon

  • Kevin shares the story when he began to start selling internationally
    • Understanding amazon and figuring out the hoops to expand to other market places
  • Kevin talks about the challenges in selling internationally
    • Conquering the fear of facing something different
    • Understanding the sales and income tax in each state
  • Recommendation for international expansion to start
    • Go to Canada first, because it operates similarly to the US
    • Start simple and add more complexity later as time goes on

[24:20 - 36:19] Expanding to Canadian Market 

  • Kevin shares about the process and application in Canada
  • Kevin talks about the benefit of expanding your market to Canada
    • More Flexibility 
    • 15% more sales just by offering it there
  • Inventory tracking
    • Start with smaller amounts of inventory 
  • Kevin talks about Listing reviews at the start 
    • Amazon pull all the reviews together with the same Ascent in UPC
  • Kevin talks about how the currency exchanges work
    • Repatriate your money with E-commerce global payments (Payoneer)
    • Keep more things in local currency

[36:20 - 47:15] Diversifying risks

  • Kevin talks about the risk and consequences of selling internationally
  • Kevin shares the story and the aftermath of some mistakes he made
    • The risk is pretty low, as long as you stay in terms of the service
  • Kevin talks about the Seller Central Portal and the Software tools
  • Lightning Round segment with Kevin
    • Favorite book
    • Hobbies - Workaholism 
    • Successful e-commerce entrepreneurs vs people who give up - Mindset
    • How to Connect with Kevin - links below

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Connect with Kevin on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram . or visit his website at to download a free checklist to learn more about international selling.





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