Timothy J. Petros PhD

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Feb 20 2020 45 mins   1
Tim Petros (NICHD/NIH) talks about new single cell RNA and epigenetic approaches to understanding the intrinsic programs that determine interneuron diversity. The group discusses how to determine causation vs correlation in identifying candidate mechanisms that regulate interneuron fate decisions, and how historic concepts of cell type (based on morphology, connectivity, physiology etc) map onto transcriptomic data clustering.

Duration: 46 minutes

Discussants:(in alphabetical order)
Annie Lin (Assoc Prof, UTSA)
Asif Maroof (Asst Prof, UTSA)
Salma Quraishi (Res Asst Prof, UTSA)
Charles Wilson (Ewing Halsell Chair, UTSA)

acknowledgement: JM Tepper for original music.