2020-Oct 12, Monday - WHO Says Lockdowns Killing More Than COVID – As World Gov’t Preps For Permanent Lockdown! 🅴

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Oct 13 2020 177 mins   74
President Trump makes his first rally stop in Florida since beating Covid and thousands show up to support the President. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has a campaign event in Ohio that no one showed up for, which is the second event with no crowd, where Joe forgot Mitt Romney’s name, said he is running for Senate and promoted a non-existent website. The new way to stop the spread of Covid is revealed in Austin, Texas, while CDC now admits masks are making the spread worse and that the lockdown has been more deadly than the virus. Evylyn Rae joins to discuss Barbie indoctrinating young girls into Racism. A witness to the Democrat inspired murder in Denver, Louie Huey, joins to discuss as well.


Brandon Ballstein (Brandon Grey)

Louie Huey

Evylyn Rae