054 Indoor Citrus Basics. Leaf Mulching Made Easy.

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Oct 13 2020 26 mins   9

Why should we, here in the warm, sunny areas of the United States, have all the fun growing citrus? If you're in snow blower tune-up mode now, you could also be growing citrus trees such as lemons, limes and more…indoors! We talk with the man who literally wrote the book on citrus, Lance Walheim, about how to successfully grow citrus inside your house during the winter.
You’ve heard me yammer on about the benefits of using leaves as a mulch in your garden. But have you heard about garden tools that can pick up, mulch and bag all those leaves at one time? All you have to do is empty it on your garden bed. We’ll find out about how easy it is to use a combination leaf blower/vacuum, mulcher and bagger, freeing up a lot of your time. Brad Gay of JB's Power Equipment in Davis, CA explains how convenient they are to operate.

It’s Episode 54 of the Garden Basics with Farmer Fred podcast, brought to you by Smart Pots. And we will do it all in under 30 minutes.…

Four Winds Growers: advice for indoor growing of citrus
UC Mulch Materials Research Report
Meyer lemon picture courtesy Tomorrow’s Harvest

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