The Weird Reason Your Personal Perspective is Marketing Gold (Increase Your Marketing Confidence For The 2020s)

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Feb 04 2020 50 mins   1

#004 Most people nowadays focus on sharing information. That information may be amazing, but it's a little bit too sterile. Yes, people will take that information, but will develop no bond with the person sharing it. There is no loyalty.  However, when you include your perspective and point of view, things change. Your inject humanity into your marketing and your communication. People return to hear your perspective, see you as a unique individual, and whatever you say becomes gold because as I will explain in a few minutes, this is a way to give your Audience something that is beyond information: True wisdom.  This is a foundational principle of StoryBonding. And in this Podcast will delve into it deeper, we will expose the myths, mistakes, and mores of using your perspective in your marketing and communications.  Because your perspective is what makes you Real to your prospects. Your voice is unique, and it deserves to be heard.  This makes your marketing and communication more fulfilling for you, and turns you into a dear friends in the eyes of your listeners.  And most importantly, your perspective is the one and only thing A.I. can never copy. It's your true competitive advantage. Website: Support:  Music: THBD - Good For You

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