EP 50: Parisian installation artist, Tara Vatanpour, chats about how there are no mistakes in creativity

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Oct 14 2020 28 mins   1

About Tara Vatanpour : Tara Vatanpour is an artist and a luxury fashion designer, founder of Tara Vatanpour. Persian, Azari,  French, American, and influenced by the Brazilian culture, she focuses her artistic research around immigration trauma, loss and separation, chaos of emotions as a result, and the search for healing.

From a solid educational background in the study field of Fine Arts, she uses installation art and performance art to express and deeper her artistic research, but is not limited to these two disciplines. Since 2019, she has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, in London, In Paris, and has had multiple online residencies, publications, and exhibitions. Her luxury Fashion Company Tara Vatanpour, focuses on the same artistic research, using fashion, creating a bridge between fine arts and fashion.

Website : http://www.taravatanpour.com

IG : https://www.instagram.com/taravatanpour/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tara.vatanpourguevel

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbqaYt3UjYSfIzYRYiPYsYQ?view_as=subscriber

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