RMM-Podcast: Episode 028: On the Everlasting Universe (and Book X of TBOP)

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Oct 14 2020 39 mins   7

In this episode Ben shares a thought experiment wherein the universe is shown to be everlasting and everliving. That is, the modern conceit of a dark empty expanse after the last star has been extinguished is an unnecessary pessimism - it is possible for the universe to constantly remake itself: wherein the end state and the onset are, in fact, the same. 

Revealed twenty years ago, this thought experiment yet holds true. Modern science has not yet refuted it, and, in fact, appears to be strengthening the concept. Dr. Roger Penrose recently stated, to the Independent in the U.K., that Hawkin's Radiation appears to signify radiation from a previous universe. Dr. Penrose stated that, in his view, the end state of this universe will be the beginning state of a new universe. 

We agree! Although, we suggest it is not a "new" universe, but a re-beginning of One.  

Ben first published this theory in 2008 or 2009 in the Telluride Almanac and again in the Rocky Mountain Mason, Issue 14.

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