039. Security Mini Series - Product Security 101

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Oct 14 2020 33 mins   1

Megan Samford unpacks the core of product security and addresses why this should be important for everyone to understand in industry.  She speaks to the two primary lenses that product security identifies with.  Secure development life cycle and actual product design are covered in depth and she does a great job of relating these areas to how they impact the manufacturing environment. IT/OT convergence is covered as the need access data across many levels of network infrastructure is something industry is facing right now.  Her goal is to define the areas to be aware of and what steps you can take to protect your facility from unwanted outsiders.  This is an action packed conversation and will have you taking notes to put the proper walls up that will keep your industrial environment safe and secure!

Guest: Megan Samford - Vice President, Chief Product Security Officer - Energy Management at Schneider Electric
Host: Chris Grainger
Executive Producer: Adam Sheets


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